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Drawn to Screenprinting ADVANCED Virtual Course

Drawn to Screenprinting ADVANCED Virtual Course

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In this ADVANCED technique workshop, learn how to create your own screenprinted newsprint transfers for clay. I'll share with you how I draw my designs using Procreate on the iPad and make these designs into screens. I will demonstrate how to customize commercial screens with emulsion already applied as a more approachable method. Then, I’ll share how I prefer to make my screens using stencils. I’ve made hundreds of screens for my studio practice and I’m ready to share how I do it with you.

This ADVANCED course will cover:

  • tools and materials (including but not limited to EZ Screens, iPad, Procreate software, Mac computer, Silhouette Cameo, underglaze, and more)
  • how to create screens with commercial products
  • how to create screens using stencils
  • how to make “ink”
  • how to print
  • other experiments I’ve tried

The course is 1 hr 16 minutes and is available as a download to watch at your own pace.

Customers will receive a secure link to the file after the purchase is made. Because the download is generated automatically after purchase, NO REFUNDS will be given.

Please make sure you are on a computer to download, not a phone. The file size is 3.99 GB and must be downloaded to view. 


*Important things to know:

  • This is an ADVANCED workshop and will feature a more advanced curriculum than my other workshops. Additional googling or research may be required of you to customize the information to your working sensibilities. I will spend some time discussing technology, but will not offer much information on software tutorials that can otherwise be googled.
  • The course will not include how to screenprint using a framed screen
  • The course will not include how to screenprint directly onto clay (another method to explore on your own if you’re interested)
  • The course will not include how to make slip (you can learn that in the workshop Mixing Slip 101)
  • The course will not include how to do many different types of transfers (you can learn that in the workshop Transfer Sampler)
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  • Use + Care

    All work is made of red earthenware low-fire clay with
    food-safe glaze. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. Use it, display it, take
    it to show-and-tell, snap a photo to share on Instagram… and as a general rule
    of thumb, hand-made = hand-wash. Dishwashers are mysterious cleaning machines
    with high-pressure water jets and high-temperature water. These extremes don’t
    go well with handmade items. Light microwaving is ok, but again, ceramics
    aren’t immortal.

  • Photo = Product Likeness

    As a one-person-business, I do my best to balance creating quality products with photographing and listing each piece. Each piece is a labor of love, time, and thoughtful craftsmanship. Work is often created in multiples of the same design and one of the series is photographed. The photo of the item is an example of what you will receive, but will likely not be a photo of the exact item. I do strive to create very consistent products from batch to batch and appreciate the slight variations handmade creates. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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